Sunday, August 21, 2011

What is Global Warming (Literature 3)

What is the definition of global warming? If the weather - related calamities happening all around you isn't enough to define it then you are on the right place. Our article will help you understand global warming and its causes and effects to the planet and to humankind. We will do this through defining global warming itself. If you want to learn about it, all you have to do is read this article. So sit back, breathe in, relax, and enjoy this article while you can. You need to be enlightened on what's going on nowadays. This article will explain it to you.
Global warming is a global issue that needs to be taken seriously. Everyone living in this planet should be concerned about it. The world is required to take actions on stopping it. However, how can a person understand if he or she doesn't know anything about it? This is the reason why we wrote this article.
Global warming is defined as the phenomenon where the global temperature rises to an abnormally - high level. The rise in the temperature creates a chain effect all over the world and we are all constantly experiencing it now. However, what causes global warming? How can we define it if we don't really know the lowdown about it?
Here's how it happened:
Naturally, the planet has carbon gases present in the atmosphere. The purpose of these gases is to trap sunlight and the heat that it produces. It traps just the right amount of heat that is sufficient to make this planet habitable for all living things, day and night. However, because of man's continues quest to innovation and technology, industries were created. These industries create machines, use vehicles, and most importantly, burn fuel, which produces a byproduct, called carbon gases. These carbon gases are thrown up in the atmosphere in large amounts. This adds up to the natural carbon gas content of the atmosphere and throwing it off - balance. As a result, it locks in more heat than usual. Hot enough to melt the polar ice caps. Molten polar ice caps dump fresh water continuously. This raises the water level all over the world, which floods low - lying coastal areas resulting to calamities and even death. It also disrupts wind patterns, which dictates the weather. This creates abnormal weather schedules, which are far different from what we all use to have.
Global warming is a global catastrophe waiting to reach its full potential and unleash hell to all living being. Let us not let it dominate. Let us find ways in stopping this phenomenon. Be part of the campaign in saving the environment.


Article Source: EzineArticles – Daniel Landback

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