Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Causes of Global Warming (Literature 1)

Global warming is an issue that requires a worldwide audience. It needs to be taken care of because it might be the reason for the world's demise. It is like a lit fuse of dynamite, the catalyst for its explosion. It is very essential that all inhabitants of this planet take part in the campaign against it. However, we won't be able to take part in this quest if we don't understand and learn what causes global warming. Today, we shall open our eyes to the truth and know the culprit behind this international phenomenon.

Global warming is created by humankind. The culprit is no one but us. Because of our will to innovate and progress, we gave birth to industrialization. Industrial activities that were birthed by men release a byproduct. This byproduct is made up of carbon and it is thrown up in the air in huge amounts. Allow us to be more specific as we explain this process.

Industries like factories, power plants and others burn fuel. Vehicles, machines and others also burn fuel. When you burn fuel, it creates a byproduct that has no use. This byproduct is carbon gas. These carbon gases are blown up in the air thru chimneys, exhausts, and mufflers in large amounts. Naturally, the atmosphere has carbon gases. The purpose of these gases is to lock in sunlight and produce warmth that would render the planet habitable for all life living on it. This is the reason why we don't freeze to death at night. However, because of the increase in industrial activity and the amount of carbon gases thrown up in the atmosphere, it traps in more heat than usual. So instead of maintaining a balanced temperature, the planet becomes hotter. This is what we call global warming. Therefore, we can say now that what cause global warming is human activities that burn fuel. That is only one of the major contributors.

The rise in global temperature is capable of bringing forth catastrophic events. As the global temperature goes higher, the polar caps also melts down even more quicker, dumping fresh water in the ocean. This creates a chain reaction. The sea level rises, drowning low - lying coastal areas on its path. The fresh water dumped on the ocean's seawater also disrupts the normal weather patterns, creating freak storms and other weather related calamities.

If we don't act now, we will be all subjected to the wrath of Mother Nature. Therefore, do your part now and save mother earth. Help save the environment.


Article Source: EzineArticles – Daniel Landback

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